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Linda Kay Coogan, Founder and CEO of the AlaQuest Center for Performance Excellence, is a recognized leader in the field of healthcare with a passion for helping others to make a difference.

A passionate community volunteer, she co-founded the AlaQuest Collaborative for Education in 2015, a Birmingham-based nonprofit focused on empowering the next generation with non-violent social and emotional communication and life skills, and serves as that organization’s Board President Emeritus. She is currently serving her community as a Board Member of the Alabama Association of Healthcare Professionals, as an Elder at Riverchase Presbyterian Church, a Survivor Lead for Mom's Demand action against gun violence, Survivor Fellow for Everytown Survivors of Gun Violence, a member of the Central Alabama Victims of Crime and Leniency (VOCAL) program, and as a member of the Alabama Performance Excellence Award program. 

Nurse Linda Kay

She is also a member of the Alabama and American Nurses Association, the American Holistic Nurses Association, the Alabama Forum and American College of Healthcare Executives, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and the Tai Chi for Health Community.

In her current work as an Integrative Life, Health, and Business Coach, she is dedicating her skills to the inspiration and empowerment of others to fulfill their goals and obtain a Holistic balance in their life, health, and business aspirations. She began her public speaking in the early 90s when she joined Toastmasters and began speaking and educating on Women and Heart disease. Since that time, she has offered coaching, training, and speaking on many topics including change management, team training, lean and six sigma, Joint Commission accreditation, Process Improvement, strategic planning, the Malcolm Baldrige award criteria and business model, nursing practice models, operations management, creating a culture of safety and many more.

Linda has recently discovered her passion as an author and writes weekly notes of inspiration in her blog, Joshua’s Pearls, dedicated to her son, who was murdered in his sleep. She is writing this book, “The Impact Statement,” sharing her journey in finding the strength to persevere through tragedy.

Linda finds joy and fulfillment in inspiring others to hone in on and develop their goals and talents to become the very best they can be. Her favorite quiet time activities include spending time with family and friends, learning to play the piano, riding her bike on rails to trails path, hiking along a wooded path with a gentle stream flowing beside, barefoot walks on the beach, reading an inspirational book, and simply taking the time to be still and enjoy God’s creation.

The Impact Statement

A Life Redemption Story
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Experiencing Traumatic Loss
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